Welcome to Payne Street Records

Here at Payne Street Records we're a little indie label that exists purely to release the things we love, when we love them, with lots of, well, love.

Based in Melbourne, Australia we've had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of aritsts and genres, from hip hop and electronica, through to folk and roots, picking and choosing the music that totally floats our boat. Over the last few years we've released albums with quite a number of Australian artists, including Sam Lohs, Freya Hanly, IONiC, Milk, Panika and Rosie Burgess.

Our current main release, "Leap", by the Rosie Burgess Band is truly special. Playing live as The Rosie Burgess Trio, these guys are tearing up the road miles and making a huge name for themselves across Australia, and more recently, North America. Check out their website: www.rosieburgess.com, and facebook: www.facebook.com/rosieburgesstrio for all their upcoming shows and updates.

If you'd like more info about who we are, what we do and how we do it, make yourself a cuppa and drop us a line at
info (at) paynestrecords.com. Kettle's boilin'.